Monday, 4 May 2009

It's not luck, really it's not!!

So Vyne show. Couldn't run Twix today... have broken her :-( Well ok we went for a long walk on Saturday and Sunday she was lame. Better today but not enough to work her. I am hoping with a weeks rest that she will be ok for Tunbridge next weekend. In a way it was a mixed blessing, I did miss running her as she has been going so well in training but as today was a Champ show it did mean that I could concentrate on Mr Jaglet.

So Champ jumping up first... gulp... Ya know when you walk a course and you just think how the hell... well that's what I thought here. I kept thinking on one particular bit that I had no idea how to do it and that I was only ever gonna get the big fat E! WEll I think I managed to talk myself out of it by just going over and over and over the course in my head and seeing us doing it right. In the end Jag worked his little socks off and put in a great clear to finishe 4th.

If you listen carefully, you might hear me swear in the video... I do apologise, only I was convinced Jag would get the second tunnel wrong, I should have had more faith. When he did it right, for a split second I couldn't remember where to go next!!!

Champ agility was a much more flowing course than the jumping. Infact I quite liked it. I knew after having a good place in the jumping that I didn't need to push Jag's agility so went for a nice steady trained clear. Jag was paw perfect again. I couldn't have wished for a better run.

So with that I was pretty sure I had qualified for the final.

So now the dilema... if I push too many contacts with Jag, we are likely to miss one. My next run was the KC Olympia qualifier. Now did I push for this or did I push for the champ final. Hm.... the dilema. Any way I decided that I would go for stop and go contacts in this and that if it was good enough then so be it. I have next weekend at Tunbridge to try and get day two and I have day one. Jag again was absolutely perfect!!! (should have a video later in the week). In the end I finished 13th. Not the best result but it was a gamble I took. There are actually four people infront of me that have already got day one so those that understand the rules will know that even if I mess up at Tunbridge I still have a chance of going to day two.

So champ final... I really did go for it.. honest. But in doing so you always take a risk and mine this time was that I needed to get to the end of an a-frame before Jag and in order to do that I needed to "chuck" him at a long jump that was facing into nothing and run. The danger.. knocking it which he did as did some others. So no ticket for me today. But I have to say that Jag feels like he is running so well. We just seem to be on the same wavelength. I have now convinced myself that it's not just a couple of lucky runs.

Can't wait until next week!!!! Hopefully the blonde bombshell will be back to it as well.

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Hudsondoglets said...

Great to see you and Jag back on form! Hope Twix is better soon.