Sunday, 26 April 2009

The good the bad and the ugly

Or my day at WBSDS.

So the good....

Jag did a lovely clear in 6/7 agility. There were a few tricky bits in the course but he worked so well. All his contacts were solid and he hung on every word and turn. Very happy with that. Twix was in all the same classes as Jag for this show so was nice to put Twix round the same course. Well we did get e'd but.... some people will know my "sress" over dog walks with Twix, I am pleased to say her dog walk was pretty darn good in this class. I jogged along beside it so that Twix had to reach the end without me, which she did so was very pleased with that. We got e'd because of a late call from me but hey ho. Overall very pleased with both dogs in this class.

There were two jumping classes at this how both graded which was really nice. Great to see a show doing this. Just means the extra set of rosettes and trophies but means a lot to the handlers.

Any way jumping 1 was a very interesting course (see plan below). The problem was that at first it seemed impossible but that was because there were 200 people trying to walk it (well ish) so you were basically ending up learning the course pattern and not neccesarily how to handle it. In the event, it ran well. Twix did a lovely round. Just knocking a pole at jump No.13 but only because she turned soooo tight!! What was even nicer is that I believe of the grade 6's Twix would have finished 3rd not far behind the winner and... she was 1.5 behind Lee and Bold wining the grade 7. Now I know that Lee had one bit that could have been better but I am still pleased that Twix was able to post a good time. It gives me hope!!! As for Jag.... well I ran Jag first and got lost. Yes lost! I reversed after jump No. 5 and lost No. 6. Oops but before that and after that was great.

The bad.....

The other 6/7 jumping. Nothing wrong with course, it was a little tricky but nothing to bad for a 6/7. However. I just made a complete meal of this course with Jag and to some degree with Twix. It went wrong with both dogs at the weaves and that was that!! I guess one bad run each out of three each wasn't too bad. I really can't grumble.

The ugly....

The little things that irritate!! First off, the judge (not in any classes I was in) that felt it was ok to eliminate people when they stopped their dog in position on contacts and moved to the next piece of equipment and then released. Reason.. training in the ring. I know not everyone likes it but technically people that do that haven't done anything against the rules.

Secondly the stupid pillock (and that's being polite) of a bloke who's Hungarain Viszla was running in an ABC class and left the ring sniffing. He then got his dog back and carried on. The dog then left the ring again. He called it back and it went back to him. He then proceeded to wrestle the dog to the floor hold onto the dogs neck and grabbed it's leg. I can only assume that he thought he was doing some kind of dominance pose on the dog. A small group of us shouted at him as it was completely unneccesary. A couple of people went over to ask what he was doing. We then watched the bloke to make sure he stopped. He wasn't being verabally aggressive to the dog and neither do I think he was physically hurting the dog. But if he thinks that is the way to get his dog to do what he wants and come back to him, then he is sadly mistaken. He then proceeded to bore the dog senseless by doing down stays by the ring. He was reported to the show secretary.

Overall the show was really good. Nice to see lots of people enjoying agility and having a laugh with friends is always good. As I said before, nice to see lots of graded classes.

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