Thursday, 17 February 2011

No. 5... and one of the most wondeful weeks!

So first No. 5. I have kinda been having that puppy craving for a while. It's one of those things that won't go away.... And so I decided to ask Dave if he would mind us having a puppy. This is where I have to say I was all ready with my reasons as to why now was a good time for a puppy and how much fun it would be. I was at least expecting a bit of a fight but no. I asked and Dave said yes. I was almost dissapointed at the lack of work.

So after a few ups and downs and very hard decisions about a puppy we did look at but subsequently didn't get (I have been through everything in my head a million times!) we have ended up with Riley or to give him his posh name Indalees Life of Riley. He was bred by Lisa Thompson. His Mum is Sue Montgomeries Zane (Katajack up Bright and Merlie) and Mum is Lisas Macey (Locheil Dame Kelly).

Lisa had 5 pups. Was keeping one herself, had sold three to agility homes and had one left.. nick named Bob. I saw a picture of Bob on Facebook and though aw.. as you do. I then looked into things a bit more and discovered Mum was related to my Twix and Dad I already knew was related to Jag (via Karen Smiths Breeze).

So off I went to look. Well the likelyhood of saying no was quite low I think. But one meeting the pups I was just so impressed. Talk about bold and outgoing but actually without being to ott.. all pups just wanted to play play play. So I went back on Saturday with Dave and the boys to pick Riley up.

He has proved to be such a character. His personality just shines through and he has managed to fit in with the other dogs as well. Bryn is his best mate. He certainly needds to be rufty tufty to fit in withour lot.

So that's Riley...

As for me personally well this week has been quite a week. Monday was Valentines day as I am sure you all know... Dave came home from work with flowers for me, we had bought one of these Dine in meals from Tesco. Dave cooked for me. We sat and ate our dinner and drunk some of the sparkling rose that came with it and then decided it was time to exchange our little gifts. I don't normally do valentines (never had need to!) but as our first together we decided we would get something but not spend lots. I opened my card and on the bottom was a little pto note.. as i turned over there was a lovely message from Dave asking me to marry him. At which point I cried... lots! and not ashamed to admit it. Dave produced a ring and asked me himself if I would marry him! Of course the answer was yes or I guess I wouldn't be posting... So I think I spent the next however long booing lol.

What a night!!!

Wednesday was my birthday and Dave bought me a new camera as I had managed to wreck the old one, so expect more piccies soon! I had a lovely day, not really doing much in particular but it was enjoyable. We had a takeaway and a bottle of wine in the evening and just chilled.

I have a feeling next week will seem quite quiet in comparrison!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

All change

Well where has that year and half gone since I updated my blog last... Obviously been way way to busy to update lol. I also struggle to know what to write on these things. People seem interested in other peoples lives. But I don't want to turn it into a massive ego boost blog or indeed tell the world my every movement and somethings are well, just private! So blog update... hm where to start, I guess from roughly where I finished!

August 2009!!! Jag had qualified for Olympia, Twix was ticking over quite nicely. Now what happened at Olympia... hm oh I know the silly snowmen that were holding the pole up melted and dropped it. Or maybe we just had a pole down but I would prefer to blame the snowmen!

Think maybe a general round up of 2010 is in order and then will try and keep my blog up to date from there on in!

So 2010 started with me, boyfriends - none, (sounding like Bridgete Jones!). 2010 Personally was a mixed year. It started with bad news all round. Two funerals in two months and a Dad that had a stroke. Surely it could only get better. Well without going into to much detail and of course most of you know this any way. I met my boyfriend Dave. Again as you probably all know, Dave has two gorgeous boys. So after the bad start, my year got better.

Agility shows kinda took a bit of a back seat as I spent my weekends travelling from Kent to Bedfordshire to spend the weekend with Dave and the boys (oh and the two dogs that Dave has). Agility didn't seem quite as important.

Year progressed with me looking for a job in Bedfordshire after deciding that the travelling was quite frankly "doing me in". Found job, not that easy these days. And am now moved up to Bedfordshire and enjoying life. Very very much enjoying life.

I had bought myself a little caravan to do shows in last season.. hm that wasn't now big enough for two adults, two boys and four dogs.. so had to go find another. So in good agility handler style, mine and Dave's first big purchase together was a caravan!!!!

Agility wise... Twix had some good places. Thinkt he best of which was a 2nd in a graded 6/7 jumping where she beat the grade 7 dogs winning time as well. Was very proud of that. Jag, well we didn't make many champ finals, probably down to my lack of concentration but we did have some good places in classes. A win at Rugby Christmas show finished the year nicely. We did qualify for Olympia, sadly the first pole coming down and the fact I had no voice didn't make for us having a lot of chance to get to the final. We made a hasty exit from Olympia due to snow that was forecast... hm 10 1/2 hours to do a 65 mile journey home... not fun. But we got here.

so below are pictures of Dave's dogs. So this makes 4... soon to be 5... see next post.

Bryn the gobby!!! Apparently when he was born, he came out barking, not sure he has stopped since!!