Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Supadogs, rain and river banks.

Sunday night was, well, interesting. It rained all bloody night. I can cope with rain on the tent. What I hated was the wind. The wind was so strong that it was blowing the tent in and onto me. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I have to admit that by the early hours of the morning I was getting pretty worried. Any way I got dressed at about 0530 just incase I needed to make a quick exit. I then just lay on my bed trying to think how I was going to make my course safer given the horrid conditions.

Any way fairly early on in the morning, Linda made an announcement that the show was to be cancelled for the day. A wise decision in my opinion. I didn't really want those grade 6/7 dogs throwing themself at my course and feeling responsible for anything that happened and believe me it was pretty bad out there.

I spent most of the first part of the morning drinking tea in various peoples caravans, contemplating what to do. I had said the night before that if it rained again in a big way, I was going home. I stayed last year through all the mud and rain and wasn't going to do it again. It is no fun for anyone, even less so in a tent.

Whilst I was sitting with my friends Sue and Andy contemplating, we heard lots of calls going out for people to return to their units as they needed to be moved. Linda kept saying about a river coming over but we were unsure of where she meant. It was at this point I left Sue's caravan to go and speak to another friend, Hazel, who was going home for the day as she only lives 20 minutes away. Hazel pointed down through the caravans and said look you can see where the river is coming over. I went back into the caravan to tell Sue and Andy that the river was in the field we were in. So we all went down to have a look.

At this point we all started to wonder just how far this water was going to move. We were camped about 200 yards from where the water had got to. I did say that if I had to take my tent down, it wouldn't be going back up and I was just going to go home. A few others said the same as none of us live that far so we could have popped back up on odd days.

We kinda then watched the water getting closer. The water then started to come over at other points along the river. Basically the watter was coming in from two different sides of where we were camped. I made the decision that I was going. I couldn't have laid there all night on Monday wondering what was going on outside. Home seemed like a plan!! With that I started to pack up and others started to prepare to leave if neccesary. Then came the call that everyone in that area had to move. So most of our group decided to go home.

What I love about agility people is that as soon as something like this happens, everyone keeps smiling and laughing and just gets on with it and helps each other out. I think I had about four people helping me get my tent down. Then when we were finished we all moved on to someone elses unit.

I left the venue around 1500 and by the time I got home the whole show had been called off. I believe there had been a visit from the fire brigade and the envrionment agency. I think, hard as it was, Linda made the only decision she could. Moving units in the dark later on in the day would have been a nightmare and it rained pretty hard all that evening at home.

Then of course last night we had major rain again and horrendous thunder. I would NOT have wanted to be in my tent for that!

So that was supadogs for another year! I have spent the days at home dossing really. Guess I am just hoping for a better DIN. Haven't done that one for the week for a few years. Hope I don't bring the rain!

BATS and Supadogs

BATS wasn't a bad show for me. Jag only had two runs and they were both agility so it was two training rounds for him. He worked really well so was pleased with the day. Twix had two agility and one jumping. I trained her contacts in her first agility. Her second agility was the KC Olympia Novice qualifier. I decided to push for this one as I am pretty sure she is capable of getting there. Sadly for me the course was very spreadout. This is exactly the sort of course I like for Jag but not for Twix. Twix needs something just a little more technical to gain an edge on turns. However we gave it our best shot and ended up 3rd. Very pleased but very frustrating as it is only the top two that qualify. That said of course her contacts were good and she did work well. Even more frustrating was that the other part of the class was a lot more twisty and would have suited her far more. Hey ho. Luck of the draw I guess. Twix also came third in a really nice grade 5 jumping. From memory she was .02 or something behind the winner and we could easily have made that up. I check Twix before the weaves as the weave entry was really quick and there were an awful lot of dogs slipping into them and banging their shoulders and I really didn't fancy injuring my dog just to get a win!!!

Next show was Supadogs. I am usually very disorganised before this show and am running round like a blue arse fly, packing stuff the day I am meant to leave. Well for some reason this year I was very organised. Even more surprising was that I was organised enough at work to give myself Thursday afternoon off (spent usefully at the gym.. followed by the steam room and jacuzzi!!!)

Any way I went up to supadogs on Friday. Pitched my tent and then came home. Yes mad I know but it meant I started on Saturday feeling all fresh. Not that it helped! Jag had a pole in each class but worked really well. Twix and I were on different planets all day and Twix and I got 3 e's.. very rare for us. But hey ho. The best result of the day was on of my friends getting a 9th with is big red and white BC in the 3/4 agility. A good result as his dog is only grade 3.

On to Sunday of Supadogs. After lots of rain over night we woke up to a misty day but that soon cleared to leave bright sunshine. I have a mediteranian tan!! Just from Sat and Sun though. Any way Sunday was better. Twix had a couple of clears and places. They weren't the greatest runs for various bad handling reasons (must try harder!) Jag had a 2nd a great 6/7 jumping. It was really spread out. Just the sort of thing we love. I finished off Sunday by setting up my course to judge on Monday. I was really pleased with my course and looking forward to judging it. It wasn't to be.. I will save it for a "rainy" day. Pun intended.

Next post.. Monday at Supadogs!!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Gulp.. that long ago

Oops I didn't realise that it was that long since I had posted. Oops!

So dog walks..... Well they have continued to be good in training. I even had a wonderful dog walk at the Vyne show. Which netted us 3rd place. So it's there or there abouts. I have made a discovery though that I think might be affecting things... not saying what yet because I want to check it out first and see if I am right.

Show wise well I have been to Vyne and Tunbridge Wells.

Vyne was frustrating for Jag and I. He actually worked really well. We just ended up with nothing to show for it! He had a pole in the chum but was flying and I got him e'd in champ jumping but again he worked well. Twix had an if only day. A pole in 3-5 jumping at the time she ran her time would have put her 1st. She had a 3rd in agility and 12th in grade 5 jumping, a few wide turns saw us done the places. So all in all a good show.

Tunbridge....eek... lovely show well done to the organisers. Agility wise, there was a lot to be desired.

Jag, well in the chum first off he broke his wait (bad Jag lol) then I fell over then I released him from the see-saw and I think he thought I was joking as he wouldn't come off and then finally we got e'd! In the Crufts singles, this was Sunday, I think I had lost the will to live so really didn't work it properly. Team, hm the rest of my fab team went clear, Jag and I got e'd. We did have 3 clears. One in grade 7 jumping and 5th place. Then another clear in grade 7 jumping on sunday but out of the places!! Not something I am used to and a clear in grade 7 agility with trained contacts so didn't expect a place.

Twix, well there were if only's. A couple of rounds where Twix turned so tight she missed the next jump. I think Twix and I had 5 e's and a 5 faults. I was disappointed by the end of the weekend. But on reflection again she did some good stuff. I think I am guilty of chilling too much with Twix. She has been such a good girl the last few weeks that I am almost expecting her to go clear and therefore I am not working her hard enough.

So next show.. BATS! I am going to work hard and I am going to do well!! I will tell myself this all day every day until Saturday lol.

Following week is supadogs, so I feel like I have lots to do before then.