Saturday, 15 August 2009

Nag nag nag!!!!!!!

I have been nagged by a few people (you know who you are!) to update my blog. So now I have to use the getting older grey matter to think what I have done in the last two months!!!


Up and down really. Since winning the jumping at Thames, we have had some good runs.. and some not so good runs. I have decided most of it is to do with my attitude and not Twix.. well maybe most of it. Contacts do seem to have got better. Below is a video of some of the work I have been doing on Twix's dog walk. It was an exercise reccommended to me by Lee and Toni. Both of whom have been so helpful in their advice to me.

Quite an improvement and finally it seems to be paying off in the ring. Everything is still work in progress. Watch this space!!

Well what can I say about Mr Jaglet. We have had quite a good year thus far. Jag is now on 11 Crufts points.. hm that is borderline for getting in. One more heat to go and I could really do with a few more points just to make sure. In July we went to the Olympia semis. I had qualified for three days (3rd of which was the KC festival semi) and reserve for one. Well Jag and I went up there on the first day. All prepared to have to stay up there all week and would you believe it Jag pulled out all the stops and qualified for Olympia on the first day.

Having not been to Olympia for two years I was so relieved to get back there.. see cheesey photo below.

This time of year seems all about getting contacts back with Jag. Having had to push so many I have needed to work hard on making Jag remember to stop. So fingers crossed they are ok for DIN.

Hm what else. Well I had the pleasure of running my friend Karen's dog Chequer at Axstane. He won out of grade 1 at Thames and so was still grade 1 for Axstane. Karen agreed to let me run him in the 1-3 jumping. Chequer is an amazing dog. Well I think he is. We managed to put in a clear round. Not the neatest but good enough for 2nd place. I will be trying to get my hands on him as often as possible lol.

I also judged at Tenterden show. I was treated very well by the club and all my ring party. They were all really efficent. The weather dried up for me. I did say I don't judge in the rain but after the previous days torrential rain, even I was a little worried.

I had large 1-2 agility, large 4-5 agility, medium 4-5 agility and small 4-5 agility.

I have to say that the standard at the top of grade 1 and 2 large was very good. And the standard in the large 4-5 was not bad at all. I will leave my opinion of the smalls and mediums!! I was however very pleased with how my course ran. My hard luck of the day had to be Grace and the love Mali, Kiah. Fastest time in the 4-5 agility (and Kiah is grade 4!) just one pole down. Ahhh. Won't be long Grace.

So that's about it really. Not much else to say. Well I don't think so!