Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Ok not sure I get this tagged thing... But here is the pic....

Picture is of Mika. My first Border Collie. She was born 17th Feb 1996, day after my birthday. She was my most nagged after birthday present. Boy did I have to work hard for that one. But she was worth it. We never hit the heights in agility. And from 5 years of age onwards, Mika or moo moo as I used to call her, was never the healthiest of dogs after starting to having epileptic fits. But she was a really loving little dog. She died in September 2005 aged 9. Way way to young :-(

Trouble is that I seem to have been tagged a few times and so do all the others bloggers that I regularly look at. So who the heck to I tag!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

So "what's going on"

Blog all really. Everyone else seems to be able to type so much on their blogs. I must have a very boring life!

So since December, eh, both dogs are back to full training now. Both are just a little over their ideal weight, no not fat but not optimum. And I wouldn't say either of them are as fit as they should be. Yes I know it's my fault. My but is that I was trying to think the other day when I last trained the dogs properly and consistently. It has got to be back in October or early November. So no wonder we are a bit rusty and not that fit. That includes me of course, the not being fit! lol. I ended up having a break from the gym just before and over Christmas and have only really got back to it for the last two weeks. I feel better already. Just need to keep it going now.

Training day seemed to go well. I did have a fair few e-mails from people saying they enjoy it which is always nice. I spend the few days before hand and most of the day wishing I had never arranged the training. For some weird reason I get really really scared!!

Christmas came and went without much too much excitement. Obviously I enjoyed the break and Christmas day. But it was a nice quiet one, just the way I like it.

Went back to training on 5th Jan, nice and early. Have managed to get some training in with Toni which is great as no one manages to nag me into doing things right, quite like Toni does. And my handling has def. slipped so thanks mate.

Off to Ribble later on today. Yes it's a long way but I really want to do a show now. So I guess I might update the blog after Ribble. I don't normally have a negative attitude about how well I will do at a show (or not) but I am really not expecting anything great this weekend, just purely down to my crap handling at the moment and the dogs not being at peak fitness. But i'm sure we'll have fun trying!